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When should I start potty training


Is there a right time of year? Advice on when to start and reasons why you might prefer to delay

Child-led training usually happens sometime between a child's second and third birthday and although this means a longer period in nappies, it generally results in only a short period of accidents before the child is clean and dry.

Training which is instigated by the adult often takes longer and can only be successful if the child is physically and emotionally ready for potty training.

Is there a right time of year?

The warmer months are definitely the best time to choose. Your child will be wearing light, easy to manage clothes, such as shorts or summer dresses.

These will be much easier to manage than woolly tights and cumbersome trousers. If your toddler only has to pull down her pants she will find it much easier to use the potty when she wants to go.

If the weather is warm enough, you can start training outside in the garden, where your child may require fewer clothes, although you will need to be careful to protect her in the sun.

This also makes it easier to clean up after any accidents.

Winter techniques

Of course, it's perfectly possible to potty train in the winter but you may need to turn the thermostat up in the room where your child is going to use the potty. She is less likely to want to bare her bottom if it means getting cold.

Placing the potty on a plastic sheet or on a floor that can easily be cleaned will allow you to mop up accidents without any fuss.

Clearing your schedule

You should choose a time when you know you will be able give your little one a lot of extra attention.

You may find that holidays are a good time to start as the pace of life is less frantic and you will be more relaxed and able to give your child your undivided attention.

Also, your partner may be around to help with the training, which will show your little one that both mum and dad are interested in her learning this new skill.

But, even if you only have a weekend to spare, this should be long enough to get your toddler to understand the principles of what you want her to do. It will take longer for her to master all the techniques, but it is these early days that lay the foundation for eventual success.

Check list: 8 reasons to delay potty training

  • If you and your partner are having problems that are emotionally affecting your child
  • If there is some form of conflict within the family which is causing upset
  • You have – or are going to – move house
  • Your child is going through a particularly negative and unreceptive phase
  • Your child has just moved from his cot to a big bed
  • You have only recently stopped breastfeeding
  • Your child's caregiver has just changed – perhaps you have returned to work
  • You are about to have – or have had – a new baby
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