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Potty training girls


Advice on toilet training for girls

As girls generally mature more quickly than boys they are usually – but not always – easier and quicker to potty train. Another reason for this may be that mums, or female carers, are often the main people involved in potty training, which means that it's easy for girls to imitate them than it is for boys.

Potty or toilet training seat?

A potty, or a number of potties, is the easier option because they can be used anywhere, whereas a toilet training seat can only be used with a toilet, so you need access to a bathroom.

However, your daughter may want to decide for herself whether she wants to sit on a potty or would rather use the toilet like you.

Let her, unless there’s a really good reason not to, as the last thing you want to do it to turn potty training into a battle of wills.

Starting on the potty

If you are using a potty, providing she can manage her clothing she should be able to use this on her own. It's a good idea to have a number of potties around the house so that she has easy access to one when she wants to go.

Toilet training

If you are using a toilet training seat – this is a special children's seat which fits on to the existing seat – and a stepping stool to help her climb on to the seat by herself.

You will need to show your little one how to sit in the correct position, otherwise she may end up wetting her pants when she does a wee.

Show her how to sit far enough back on the seat to get the wee in the toilet and help her to slide her pants right down to her ankles so that they are safely out of the way. Once she feels comfortable on the toilet seat she will be able to find a position that allows her to wee into the toilet bowl without any problems.

Don't flush the toilet until she's off the seat. The rush of water when you flush can make a toddler anxious and cause her to worry that she may get sucked into the bowl and disappear.

Wiping the right way

Your little girl should learn to wipe herself from the front to the back. Wiping the wrong way can transfer bacteria from her back passage to her urinary tract, which may result in infection.

You will need to do this for her at first, but it's a good idea to encourage her to attempt it herself as well.

Out and about

If your toddler has a sudden urge to go while you are out she may have to wee outside. This is no big deal and you can help her to keep her feet and clothes clear by holding her up while she squats so that she stays in the right position.

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