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Pregnancy Diary-Week 8


EMMA'S Pregnancy Diary - Week 8

I spent the first half of the week really stressed out and it's all my own fault – I really need to learn to chill out.

Firstly, I'd been flicking through all my pregnancy books and magazines (so far I've got 10 in total and yes, I know, Nick laughs at me too) and checking out websites when I came across all these scary statistics about the number of pregnancies that end in miscarriage. It's so high! I knew that if anything happened it wouldn’t be down to anything I’d done, but it was still hard to think happy thoughts about the baby with facts like that lurking at the back of my mind.

To make things worse, on Tuesday night I went out for a meal with the girls from work – which was a good laugh as usual, although they must have known something was up because I was downing cranberry juice all night which is so not me. I got myself into another minor panic when I got home as I realised that the very yummy, very chocolatey mousse I’d devoured was an official ‘pregnancy no-no’ because it had raw eggs in it.

Then when Nick wanted to have sex I turned him down flat because I was feeling sick and tired – not the most ideal combination for romance. As well as feeling ropey, and I didn’t tell Nick this bit because he'd think I was silly, I was worried whether sex could harm the baby while it was still so tiny.
Thankfully, it was my first antenatal appointment on Thursday (I’d sneakily told Susan I was at the dentist due to wisdom tooth trauma) and I was able to go through my lengthening list of worries and paranoias with Anne, my doctor.

She completely put my mind at rest by telling me that sex in pregnancy was perfectly safe for the baby and that eating one chocolate mousse was very unlikely to have caused any harm. She also asked about Nick and my families’ medical history, did some blood and urine tests and booked me in for my first scan in four weeks time – which will be so exciting! I am having a nuchal fold scan and blood test the week after.

I was on a complete high for the rest of the day and kept looking at my tummy trying to picture what my baby will look like. I can’t wait to see my baby for the first time.

I think Nick and I are still in shock (it's a happy shock, but a shock just the same). We're both a bit worried about how much our life will change. I’m sure Nick thinks that he’ll have to give up going out to the pub with his mates after work or playing football at the weekends. As for me, I’m just scared about getting really fat and ‘The Birth’ (it's the pain and blood bit I’m not keen on, the swearing at Nick I can handle!).

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