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Pregnancy Diary-Week 6


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 6

OMG! I’m pregnant! I’m really pregnant! I can’t believe it I’m going to be a mum! How weird is that? I’m totally excited and totally terrified both at the same time. I knew something was up as my period was two weeks late, which has happened before, but this time it just felt completely different. I had the whole classic run-up - really grumpy mood, spotty chin, achy stomach – then nothing, which I thought was strange, but this explains it.

I found out on Tuesday – I'd sneaked out of the office to buy a pregnancy test I was really tempted to use it in the loo at work, but I knew that if it was positive there was no way I could keep it secret, especially from Dani, as she knows Nick and I have been trying for the past five months.

I just about held out until I got back home and then dived straight to the bathroom.  After five very, very long minutes a really clear blue line appeared so I knew it had to be positive. It didn't really sink in for a while though and I kept wandering round the flat looking at the line in a daze. Part of me wanted to go out and buy another 10 tests to make absolutely sure.

My original plan was not to say anything when Nick came back from work, but as soon as he walked in it just burst out of me – I'm rubbish at secrets. He gave me a massive grin and the biggest hug and then he was relieved he wasn’t shooting blanks!

When I went to see my doctor, Dr MacKenzie, one of the things she asked about was alcohol and I was really pleased that I was able to tell her, hand on heart, that I'd not had a drink since we decided to try for a baby. Mind you, it hasn't been easy - we went to my mate Sarah's 30th birthday party the other night and everyone was drinking except me which wasn't much fun. She also told me to take folic acid (which was no problem as I’ve been taking it since we began trying). She booked an appointment for me with the doctor who I'll carry on seeing throughout my pregnancy if everything goes smoothly (fingers crossed)

We’d decided not to tell anyone until I’d got to eight weeks, but keeping it a secret didn’t last long. When I rang mum on Sunday for our usual weekly chat I simply had to tell her. Once she'd stopped sniffing, she said she’d known something was up (using those extra special mum powers of hers, I guess). This is her first grandchild so I just know she's going to go completely over the top! As we’d told my parents, it was only fair that we told Nick’s who were thrilled as well.

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