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Pregnancy Diary-Week 40


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 40

She’s called Olivia Rose, she weighed 7lb12oz, she’s got fluffy blonde hair, huge blue eyes and she’s gorgeous. (Her two fave hobbies are staring at everything in sight and wolfing down breast milk.) As for me, well, I’m fine, if a bit sore in places.

I was due to give birth on Monday, but despite lots of helpful kicks from baby, and me working my way through plates of fresh pineapple (meant to kick-start labour) and having sex with Nick (ditto!), nothing happened apart from me getting more fed up.

The days went by so slowly but onThursday I felt my first contractions around lunchtime. They felt like strong period cramps – kind of how I expected them to be, so I was quite calm when I rang Nick at work. (It was strange; I was scared but really excited, as I knew this meant that I would soon be seeing our baby.)

Nick, of course, came rushing home expecting it to be all action stations, but the contractions didn’t get stronger for ages so I spent the rest of the afternoon pottering around, finishing packing my hospital bag and having a long soak in the bath. They gradually got stronger after dinner so I rang the hospital who told me to come in once they were coming regularly, every five minutes. The really nice doctor I spoke to suggested using the TENS machine I’d ordered through my antenatal class. I asked Nick to put it on and the tingly sensations along with Nick cursing as the pads kept unsticking took my mind off the pain for a bit!

By midnight, the contractions were coming about every five minutes and I panted to Nick that he should ring the hospital again and get the car ready. Not quite sure when and and how I lost it, but by the time I arrived at the hospital I was demanding pain relief from everyone we met – actually Nick tells me I was shouting 'I need something, give me drugs’.

My waters broke in the labour ward but I didn’t take it all in as I was too busy puffing on the gas and air – which took the edge off the pain. I was doing OK again until around 3am when I started getting the mother-of-all contractions. The pain was really intense and the contractions were coming thick and fast and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get through it when I felt I really needed to push. The pain was so strong I almost thought I was going to break – but Nick held my hand tightly and kept telling me I could do it, which helped.

Finally, at 6.20am, when I thought I just couldn’t push any more and was screaming at everyone to make it stop, I heard Nick shout 'It’s a girl.’ He looked shell- shocked but happy. I couldn’t relax until she was in my arms – I was so desperate to hold her. The strangest thing of all was when I looked at her face she felt so familiar, like I had already met her, that all I could do was whisper 'hello again' and then cuddle her tight.

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