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Pregnancy Diary-Week 39


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 39

My maternity leave grump from hell seems to have passed (which is more than something of a relief to Nick). I haven’t the foggiest why, but for some reason this week my mood has totally changed and I’ve been feeling really happy and hyper.

I’ve paid all our bills, washed all our clothes and I’ve messaged and phoned everyone I’d been meaning to get in touch with for ages. I was going to be virtuous and cook lots of healthy (or nourishing‚ as they say on my baby app) food in preparation for when I’m feeding baby every two hours, so I started trying to make some home-made meals to put in the freezer. Sadly, I got distracted after a telephone call from Usha telling me how wonderful being a mum was and now have only one beef casserole in the freezer plus lots of not-quite- so-healthy ready meals.

On Sunday I took a long walk to the park to watch Nick play football (well, it was about 15 minutes in total, but for the size of me and my achy hips, that’s practically a marathon). The weather was really nice and after the match had finished (his team won 2-1, of course) we were watching all the kids playing nearby and talking about what the baby will be like when he/she is older. We felt really close and it was so strange to think that next week we could be a proper family and have our own little baby to look after. It still doesn't seem real.

Decided tonight that I should have a bath and shave my legs as they getting way too hairy – well, you when things could kick off! I know I’m being stupid as all the midwives and doctors will hardly be fazed at the sight of my furry pins during the birth – but it made me feel better anyway.

I know there is no guarantee that baby will arrive on schedule next week, but I just feel really excited knowing that I’m going to meet him or her soon. I think it’s because it feels as if I’ve been pregnant forever that I’m kind of like ‘OK, childbirth - bring it on!’ Not sure I’ll feel the same way after 12 hours of contractions but at least I’m feeling more optimistic now. Went online and got chatting to a couple of new mums about the pain of contractions and they both said they are incredibly painful but it was a good pain rather than bad, and that it was just about bearable. Hope I feel that way too.

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