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Pregnancy Diary-Week 37


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 37

Nick keeps saying that with two weeks togo it's about time (cheek!) but finally my inner domestic goddess seems to have kicked in. I don't know if it's the iron tablets working their magic, but I seem to have acquired loads more energy from somewhere, so I spent the day frantically cleaning our flat from top to bottom. I tackled the skirting boards, door frames, kitchen floor and all the places that haven't seen a duster or a vacuum cleaner for at least six months (not sure why the baby needs the boiler cupboard to be clean, but that's now immaculate as well).

Had another weekly antenatalappointment on Wednesday and everything's fine. Apparently the head is now 3/5ths engaged (aargh!). Asked Anne if that meant bubs was planning on arriving early – but the baby couldn't come now as she's on holiday for two weeks and would just have to wait until she got back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he heard her!

After that, I couldn't help but spend the rest of the week wandering around thinking every twinge meant something was about to happen – but it didn't! It's very strange at the moment, I'm fed up of being pregnant and I really want to meet my baby at long last, but I'm so nervous of what the birth will be like that part of me is in denial. A bit of me thinks, well, you know, maybe I don’t really have to go through this birth business at all and it's all been some big mistake. Yep, I know, I've totally lost it.

Nick had the day off on Friday so I suggested that we went out to dinner (from what I've heard about being a mum even going for a coffee will be a major expedition once the baby's here). He was a bit reluctant at first because he's got loads of last-minute DIY on the go – he's building a window seat in the lounge and making some cupboards in the nursery for all the baby toys. I know he wants to get everything finished before the baby arrives (it would have helped if he'd started earlier and not left everything until the last minute) but once I'd pointed out that this could be the last chance we might have to go out together until long after the baby's arrival, he downed tools and agreed to come. The meal was great and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Amazingly I didn't feel very tired when we came out so we decided to go for a drink. This is the first time I've managed to stay awake past 10pm for ages. We talked a lot about what we thought it would be like being parents, then I pointed out that we had to get through the birth bit first so we talked about my birth plan (yes, I did get some strange looks from the couple sitting at the next table) but at least he now knows what I'd like to happen (in an ideal world).

He even said he really wants to be withme during labour (very scary) and that he wants to see the baby being born – but I've made him promise to stay up the top end (away from the action) and talk to me because I'm worried he'll go all funny at the sight of blood.

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