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Pregnancy Diary-Week 36


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 36

I was hoping the nesting instinct would have kicked in by now. and I'd be skipping around the flat baking and mopping floors, but unfortunately the dust is mounting up under the sofa while my sponge brain still has me glued to terrible telly. Forcing myself to get into gear, I started to pack my hospital bag. Although, when I say bag I really mean a huge holdall, as it’s got to be the size of a small car to fit in two bath towels, a dressing gown, slippers and all the other essential stuff recommended on the hospital lists on all those baby websites. I was doing fine until I packed the baby clothes – and I got a bit sniffly, especially when I saw the tiny pair of socks that Nick’s mum bought for us. It’s so silly, I know I’m pregnant and there’s a baby inside me – I can feel it moving all the time – but sometimes it still doesn’t seem quite real.

It’s been dead sunny all week, so on Friday I met up with Gina (from my antenatal class) for a picnic in the park. We thought it would be good to get some extra vitamin D courtesy of the sunshine, so we sat on a bench to munch our sandwiches and had a really good chat. It was nice to get to know her better and to speak to someone else who’s going through exactly the same thing as me – and has the same capacity for eating loads without feeling guilty. She said she knew exactly how I felt – she's worried about how she'll cope with the birth but she's fed up of being so big and really wants to eat and drink what she likes again without worrying!

At the weekend Nick was busy putting the finishing touches to the nursery (hanging up this sweet animal lampshade and animal pictures I bought online) so Mum, Dad and I went shopping. Dad spent the whole time moaning about how much things cost (I think he’s still working in pre- decimal prices) and then shocked me by offering to pay for the whole lot when we got to the till! Thanks to that particular shopping spree, the baby now has a cot mobile, musical nightlight and some Moses basket sheets, while I ended up with the booby prize of a packet of maternity sanitary towels. So not fair!

P.S. Paid another visit to Anne at the antenatal clinic. All’s going well – my blood pressure is normal, my urine is OK, the heartbeat is fine and he/she has got their head down. Glad to know they’re heading in the right direction!

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