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Pregnancy Diary-Week 35


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 35

Usha has had a little baby boy called Oliver Benjamin. He weighed 8lb 3oz and was delivered by Caesarean section – after a scarily long 20-hour labour – eek! I had a quick chat to her on the phone this morning and she sounds pretty tired, but really, really happy. I’m so pleased for her. She texted me some pictures of Oliver which had been taken just after he’d been born. He looked so cute with loads of curly brown hair, just like his dad. Awww, that’s such a relief.

Don’t really know what happened to methis week – for some reason my mind seems to have turned into cotton wool and now I haven’t got work as a distraction, all I can think about is baby. To be honest, I’m getting impatient – I’m beginning to feel I’ve been pregnant for long enough now, I’ve served my time and all I want to do is meet and hold my baby (I just can't imagine how fantastic that will feel). I almost wish I’d found out the sex at my 20-week scan, as it would be great to know if I've got a boy or a girl and I don’t want to have to wait a minute longer.

I was sitting in bed the other morning singing to my bump (I’ve now moved on from Grease and am working my way through the songs from The Sound of Music) when I kind of got an inkling that I was singing to a girl. I don’t know why, I just sort of pictured a girl in my mind but I haven’t told Nick about this as he would think I was mad. I’m probably wrong, anyway.

Really enjoyed my baby shower – I’m glad Caroline persuaded me into it. She came round before the party started and helped me to do up the living room with streamers and blue and pink balloons and it looked lovely. I, or rather, the baby, got far too many presents – loads and loads of cute clothes (including a really sweet hat with rabbit ears), cuddly toys and even a bouncy chair. I never realised how generous people are when it comes to buying baby things – and how excited they get for you. Dani came along with Archie and Frank, and it was great to be able to catch up on what’s going on back at work – I’m terrible, I’m missing all the gossip already.

P.S. Guess what new pregnancy treat happened to me this week? Leaky boobs! I woke up this morning to find I had a soggy pyjama top – a lovely surprise! Imagine if that had happened while I was out somewhere – how embarrassing would that be? I'm now tucking breast pads inside my bra to mop up any further spillages. Still, I guess it means I'm another step closer to baby Messi's (only joking!) arrival.

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