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Pregnancy Diary-Week 33


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 33

Finally found out why I’ve been feeling so shattered. I thought it was normal to be feeling rubbish at this stage in pregnancy, but Anne rang me on Tuesday to say she’d got my blood test results back and I was really anaemic. She said I needed more iron so I’m now on three iron tablets a day and hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit more perky soon (pity they won’t have any effect on my boobs, as they are looking distinctly un- perky at the moment).

My last week at work – and I spent it rushing around, trying to get everything ready for when my maternity leave cover, Alison, takes over next Monday. It was so hard to concentrate that it took me ages using what was left of my brain cells just to write down a list of my daily tasks to give to Susan for her. By the time I left the office on Friday night everything was up to date and my desk was totally immaculate. (I’d even got rid of all the cracker crumbs I’d been building up, I'm that thoughtful!)

It does feel strange to know I’m being replaced.I keep thinking things like ’What if they want to keep her rather than me?’ and 'Won’t it have all changed when I come back? I’m still not sure what I want to do once the baby arrives, but telling Susan I’m coming back after my 39 weeks, means I’m able to keep my options open.

On Friday everyone was really nice to me and loads of people kept wishing me luck, so I felt guilty for spending my last few weeks wishing I was somewhere else. I went out to lunch at the pizza place round the corner with everybody from my office and Susan gave this long embarrassing speech about how she was really going to miss me. They also gave me a leaving present: a really funky changing bag and a cute teddy. I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that when I see them all again I’ll have a baby with me.

P.S. Just got a scary text from Usha – doctor found she’s got pre-eclampsia so had to go into hospital. She sounded really so worried for her and the baby, I just hope everything is all right.

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