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Pregnancy Diary-Week 31


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 31

Well,this week has given me plentymore evidence to back up my ‘pregnant mum equals granny’ theory. Nick had do up my laces for me today as my bump has got so enormous I can’t see my knees, let alone down to my toes. It was so embarrassing, especially as his job wasn’t helped by the fact that my ankles and feet keep swelling up so much that it’s impossible to get my shoes on anymore. I’ve got to wear trainers all the time now, as none of my normal shoes fit (so it’s goodbye to heels, which is rather depressing if you’re under 5'5” like me).

It's so strange, I don’t know how it happens during the day, but my fingers and feet seem to mysteriously inflate until they reach the height of their puffed-upness by the evening, only to shrink back down to normal over night. I’m not too fussed about my fat feet, but it is a bit miserable to have to take off my wedding ring, and I feel strange without it (and Nick’s ‘woo-hoo, pregnant woman on the pull’ jokes are not that amusing).

While I'm still on one of my pregnancywhinges - it’s getting really difficult to get to sleep this week. Not content with the constant peeing and killer heartburn throughout the night, it now aches to sleep on my side for any real length of time. Every night I take about 20 minutes arranging myself into a little nest, with five pillows scattered round me in strategic positions – under the bump, between the knees, etc. – but it still doesn’t work. I usually wake up at two o’clock to find that Nick’s turned over and taken the duvet with him and all my pillows are lying on the floor. I’m so glad I’m starting my maternity leave in two weeks’ time because then I can just sleep and sleep and sleep whenever I feel like it.

Bearing in mind all of the above, you can imagine the response Nick got when he cuddled up to me in bed the other night. Let it be said that I’m flattered that he still finds me attractive (although he must be cracking up if he finds stretch marks and swollen ankles a turn-on) but the idea of having sex when I’m this big is most definitely not a goer. Anyway, all the raunchy feelings I had a few weeks ago seem to have disappeared – along with my social life – and because I can feel baby moving about all the time now it would (almost) feel asif we were being watched!

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