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Pregnancy Diary-Week 29


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 29

This weekend Nick finally made a start on turning the spare room into a, nursery and quite frankly it’s about time seeing as I’m into the third trimester (I can’t quite believe it’s only 11 weeks to go until B-day, just how scary is that?).

Thankfully he didn’t have too much to do, as the spare room’s already got sanded floorboards, so all that was needed was to strip off the dodgy wallpaper and slap on some paint. I’d picked out a nice bright yellow for the walls and white for the woodwork to make the room really cheerful and used special baby-friendly paint with low fumes.

My mum and dad have bought us a changing table, and we’ve bought a set of shelves to house all the other baby stuff. We've borrowed a really lovely vintage cot from Nick’s sister – so all that's left is to buy a new mattress and a big squashy armchair for me (another top tip from Dani) so I can breastfeed the baby in comfort.

Friends, relatives and random people atwork have already been bombarding me with tons of baby clothes so the only other things we need to buy now are newborn essentials like nappies, lotions, sheets and blankets. (Although I might also have to sneak in a few toys and a few extra outfits when Nick’s not looking.)

Went for my regular swimming session with Caroline on Thursday. I keep thinking I’ll stop because I feel huge when I’m sitting on the edge of the pool – I even bought a swimsuit with extra breast support the other day to help keep my super-sized boobs under control. But being weightless in the water feels so fantastic I’m determined to keep it up for as long as I can. I don’t really swim proper strokes anymore as such, more like a strange pregnant woman's doggy-paddle up and down the pool – but it makes me feel better and helps to work off a few pounds I reckon. The other good thing about going swimming is that I always get lots of kicks and wriggles when I’m splashing about, so it looks like bubba must enjoy it too.

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