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Pregnancy Diary-Week 28


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 28

OK, so, because my mum told me she’d got loads of stretch marks after she gave birth to me (sorry Mum), I’ve been religiously slapping on tons of very expensive, very nice-smelling stretch mark cream every week since I first knew I was pregnant. I thought I’d got away with it, but I caught a glimpse of my bump in the bathroom mirror the other day and saw loads of scary purple lines (think AA roadmap) sneaking across it. Yes, I know they’re harmless, 60 percent of pregnant women get them and they’re meant to fade after the birth, but it’s still hard to face the fact that my bikini wearing days are over. It didn’t help that when we went round to see Caroline and Mark this weekend she was showing off a very flat, very tanned stomach in her hipster jeans. Jealous, me?

Anyway, I’m really glad the third trimester (i.e. home straight) has started as I keep spending more and more time thinking about my baby. Especially at work – it’s so hard in the middle of a meeting which is quite boring to concentrate on what people are saying when I can feel him doing what appears to be a full Gangnam Style workout all the way through it.

I’m so obsessed that when anyone calls for a chat all I can talk about is baby or bump. The other day I was sitting in a cafe waiting for Nick when his mate rang trying to get hold of him – his battery was dead because he’d forgotten to charge it the night before – and when he asked how I was I found myself telling him all about how I was feeling and how big the baby was. It was only when there was a stunned silence on the other end of the phone that I realised this was way too much information for someone who didn’t know me that well. But I can’t help myself, it’s as if I’m in this little pregnancy bubble and outside everything else is going by at normal speed while inside everything's slowed down as I grow bigger and bigger and wait for the big day.

P.S.This week my app has told me that my baby has now got eyelashes... which is handy. It’s weird to think that everything he needs is now in place and all he has to do is get bigger – just like me!

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