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Pregnancy Diary-Week 27


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 27

Well, this week I've been mostly having loads of Braxton Hicks’ contractions. I didn’t know what they were at first, but when I told Dani that my bump was feeling really swollen and tight she said they were Braxton Hicks' and that was my body having a trial run for the birth (was glad to hear it's getting a bit of practice in, frankly).

Also managed to exhaust myself while having fun on Wednesday night when we drove down to London for Nick’s cousin’s wedding. The whole thing looked like something out of a magazine – swish hotel, gorgeous flowers, Michelin-starred food, you get the picture. Sally, the bride, looked stunning and the bridegroom looked... well, smart-ish, (which, if you know Alex, is saying something).

To stop me feeling like a baby elephant I’d splashed out on a gorgeous new dress which showed off all of my very curvy curves. It must have worked because everyone said I was blooming, which put me in such a good mood that I didn’t even mind about not drinking all night. Nick even told me when we were having a dance that I looked dead sexy and that he loved me more than ever. Made me feel really special.

The next day I was brought back down to earth with a bump (sorry!) when I couldn’t get my shoes on because my ankles had swollen up so much. Thanks to a combination of pregnancy water retention and too much dancing to cheesy 90s classics, they still hadn’t gone down by the time we were ready to drive home. In the end I had to sneak past the hotel reception and out to the car park in my socks, carrying my shoes!

P.S. I had to see Anne, my doctor, on Friday for some blood tests to check my blood count. Despite my swollen ankles, which she said was quite normal at this stage of pregnancy and, as long as everything else was fine, were nothing to worry about. I also remembered to ask her about the dark line that’s appeared on my bump. She said it was called the linea nigra and that lots of pregnant women get it. She reassured me that it was harmless and would disappear after the baby's arrival.

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