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Pregnancy Diary-Week 26


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 26

Nick couldn’t get time off from work this week, so I went to my first antenatal class on my own. On the whole, it was probably a good thing as the conversation ranged all the way from piles to bleeding nipples - lovely! There was a group of about 10 of us in total and some of the other mums seem dead nice. I ended up next to Gina, who’s a first-time mum too. As her partner wasn’t there either we were able to chat about being pregnant and how we felt.

Our pregnancies have been very different so far, she’s not had any sickness (she doesn’t know how lucky she’s been) and she hasn’t put on as much weight as me, either. We found out that we live really close to each other so we are going to meet up once we’ve both finished work. It’ll be nice to have someone around when I’m at home all day on my own. Her baby is due just after mine, too, so we’ll be able to share any worries we have when we are new mums.

I have to come clean here though, a lot of the time I wasn’t listening to a word the doctor was saying (she was doing something with a plastic doll in a bath) but sneakily sussing out all the other bumps on display as I don’t know anyone else – apart from Usha – who’s pregnant. As far as I could work out, most of the other mums seem to be sporting the classic football-shaped bump I’m jealous of, and I could only spot one other mum with a kidney bean-shaped blob like mine. (It’s official, I’ve got bump envy – I think I’m losing the plot.)

Handed in my MATB1 form to my HR department on Friday, so I know I’ll be getting some regular cash when I’m off on my maternity leave. I’ve told Susan I will be coming back to work, but I still haven’t said for sure whether it will be in six months or a year (I guess it all depends on how much money we’ve got and if Nick can get a promotion).

Maybe I should have said I’d start my maternity leave at 29 weeks not 34, because I’ve found I’m becoming really forgetful at work. This isn’t that helpful as I can’t remember what I’m meant to be doing half the time and have to write myself loads of lists and stick notes all over the place. I don’t know if it’s down to the hormones doing funny things to my brain, or if it’s just because there’s so much to think about when you’re having a baby that there’s no room left for normal work thoughts like ‘must give Susan that urgent message’ and the all important ‘is it time for lunch yet?’.

Fortunately Susan is being quite understanding about my forgetfulness, although even she got a bit cross when she found out I’d forgotten to tell her that ‘the big boss’ was paying us a visit. I think she may be quite relieved when I go on maternity leave.

P.S. Help! I think I’m turning into a monkey – a black line has appeared running down the middle of my bump that I’m sure wasn’t there the other day (that’s the wonder of pregnancy, you never know what’s going to happen to your body next). I’m not sure what it is, but it’s obviously not dangerous (just a bit freaky- looking) so I’ll ask Anne about it at my antenatal appointment next week.

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