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Pregnancy Diary-Week 25


EMMA’S Pregnancy diary – week 25

Had a bit of a scary day this week. After a night of passion – well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but we did manage a bit more than a cuddle! – I noticed some blood when I went to the loo. Although it was only very light spotting I was terrified that I was going to lose the baby. I rang Anne my doctor in a real panic. She was very calm and said she was sure that everything was alright and that it wasn't uncommon for this to happen. She said that it was better that I had this checked out and I should get myself to the hospital's maternity unit where tests would be done to make sure everything was fine.

Nick had already gone to work when all this happened so I had to call him to asked him to come home. I think my panic must have got through to him because he came home straight away to pick me and take me to the hospital. I was really nervous on the way there in the car, but once we arrived we were seen almost immediately. The doctor checked the heartbeat and all we could hear was the heartbeat, thumping away as usual, as loud as anything – thank goodness. As well as having the heartbeat checked I had a blood test, an ultrasound scan and a very gentle internal exam. Thankfully all was well and I was allowed home.

I felt stupid for getting so frightened and kept apologising for wasting the doctor’s time, but she was really reassuring and said that they’d always rather check it out than have people worry. (I feel much less scared about going to the hospital for the birth now, if they’re all that nice).

Although he’s been really calm in the car and at the hospital I think the whole thing must have really freaked Nick out, as when we got home, he made me sit down and went off to the kitchen only to come back with a cup of hot chocolate! If that wasn’t enough to be going on with, he then started talking to me about the birth and asked me if I was going to use a TENS machine! I asked him where he’d got his info from and if he’d been swopped for an alien that looked like Nick!

He then confessed rather sheepishly that he'd been talking to a mate at work whose wife had a baby a few months back. He told Nick about how, during his wife’s pregnancy, he’d looked on various websites so that he could understand what was going on with her and he also showed Nick a website with pictures of how the baby develops, which Nick found fascinating. His mate said he'd done a lot of reading up on what to expect at the birth which had really helped him to help his wife during labour and when the baby was born. Apparently after that Nick started looking at these websites during his lunch break.

So, amazingly it turns out Nick now knows a lot more about this whole pregnancy business than he’s ever let on. I don’t know what finally got him in to it, I’m just relieved that he’s showing a real interest at last. I feel so much better now we can talk about things properly.

P.S. Latest baby update: according to the app he has wrinkly skin and a small amount of hair – great, now the pair of us look like Yoda...

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