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Pregnancy Diary-Week 24


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 24

Right. So tell me, why is that people seem to think it’s perfectly fine to say whatever they want when they see your bump? They always come out with stuff like: ‘Was it planned?’, ‘Are you happy about it?’ and my personal fave, ‘Blimey you look huge/tiny for 24 weeks’. Grrrrrr, it makes me so mad. What is it about the sight of a pregnant woman that makes everyone feel totally free to come out with things they’d never dream of saying to anyone else? I mean, would you go up to a total stranger in the street and say, ‘You’re dead fat, you are’, ‘Isn’t your nose a bit big?’ or ‘Have you had sex recently?’ – no, well, I thought not. I know most people mean well and are just interested, so most of the time  I just smile through my slightly gritted teeth, but sometimes it gets way too personal. (Oops, sorry about the rant, but a girl just has to get it off her chest!)

On a less stroppy note, on Saturday I had a great time going round the baby stores – so many cute things, so little spare cash – with mum and dad to buy a travel system. I had spent the week looking on different websites and after a brief consultation with Nick we decided a 3-in-1 type that turns into a car seat, a pram and then a buggy would be the best bet as it should last the baby until he’s at least three. (It’s so weird to think of a three-year-old, I can’t even imagine him as a real, live baby yet). Had a good time with mum and dad and even splashed out and bought a changing mat, top ‘n’ tail bowl and baby bath. Then (just by chance) I found myself wandering round the toy part of the nursery store.

Went round to Dani’s on Sunday for Archie's fourth birthday party. It was great fun (i.e. total chaos) and I think he liked my present of a toy fire engine – well, he ran round the house screaming ‘nee-naw, nee-naw’ once he’d opened it, which I reckon was a good sign. Because I said I needed the extra babysitting practice, Dani and the other mums’ jumped at the chance to put their feet up but I was shocked at how shattered I was once the party had finished. Running around with all the kids for three hours made me realise I need all the exercise I can get, as I’ll have to be well-fit to cope with being a mum!

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