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Pregnancy Diary-Week 21


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 21

For a few weeks now I’ve been getting really bad backache so I’ve been sitting with my feet up at night and I even got Nick to buy me a hot water bottle so I could put it against my back. I wanted one of those cuddly ones shaped like an animal but he bought me a very functional red one without even a cover, so I have to wrap it in a jumper. Then I read that ‘a relaxing massage from your partner can really help’ so I asked Nick if he would give it a go and he said he would as long as it didn’t interrupt his football or TV watching.

Once I'd brought out the scented massage oil and dimmed the bedroom lights – the innocent massage turned into something not quite so innocent! Despite doing absolutely nothing to help my back whatsoever, the sex was great – maybe it was because of all those sexy dreams I’d been having – but a few hours later I could feel the baby going round and round inside my bump like the contents of a washing machine.

I rang Usha in a total panic and she said the same thing had happened to a mate of hers, and her doctor had told her that having sex can sometimes trigger off mini contractions, but that it wasn’t anything to worry about because nothing will happen unless your body is ready to give birth. Phew!

Once she'd calmed me down – and I had reassured Nick that we could have sex again safely – Usha and I got into our usual routine of comparing bumps and lumps. Usha’s definitely winning so far as she’s got restless legs, pytalism (loads of saliva) and really itchy skin on her bump – three bizarre things I’d never even heard of – while I’m only peeing all the time and getting heartburn and backache, which is boring as it seems that everyone gets those in pregnancy.

We also had a long chat about 'The Birth' and how we’d like things to go. I told her that Nick’s mum thought I should have made my birth plan by now and I was a bit surprised when she agreed. Usha said that she’d found writing her birth plan really helpful as it had made her think about all the options when it comes to how her labour and birth could be managed. Things like whether she wanted to have pain relief or a to go for a completely natural birth, and what aids she might want to use such as a birthing ball or birth pool.

I think I’d like to have as natural a birth as possible, but in the end I’ll go with the flow and do whatever is needed for a healthy baby. Usha seems OK with the idea of an epidural if she needs one – I think it’s the whole ‘no pain’ thing – but because I’m terrified of big needles I’d rather have a go at all the other drugs on offer first.

P.S. Still failing miserably to get Nick to look at anything even vaguely pregnancy related. I’d really like him to understand what’s happening to the baby and me, and to know what happens at the birth in case I don’t make it to the hospital in time. That by itself is a very scary thought! I told him what Usha had said about writing a birth plan but he just said I take in things better than him and he trusts me to make the right decisions anyway, which isn’t very helpful really!

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