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Pregnancy Diary-Week 20


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 20

Had my second scan this week and it was great – and even more amazing than the first one. This time we could see a proper kicking, wriggling, turning baby. Nick said ‘wow, that’s our baby’ so often that the sonographer asked him if he was expecting to see a puppy, which made me laugh.

We could see absolutely everything, right down to his/ her little fingers and toes. Although I’d reluctantly agreed with Nick that I didn’t want to know the sex,

I had a sneaky peek to see if I could spot anything between the legs, but they were crossed so it's still going to be a surprise for us on the big day!

I felt quite sad when the scan was finished, although we’d got some photos to take home, including a great one of the baby sucking his/her thumb. I could have quite happily stared at the baby spinning and kicking around for hours. It’s so bizarre, and more than slightly frightening, to realise that the next time I see my baby it’ll be face to face.

At work the next day I waited a whole 10 minutes (actually it was probably nearer two) after I got in before getting my pictures out and showing them off. Everybody was dead nice about them, and they’re now taking bets on whether it’s a boy or a girl. I haven’t got a clue; I’m still finding it hard to imagine myself with a baby whatever the sex is. Maybe I’ll have an inkling nearer the big day, but at the moment, and I know it’s a terrible cliché, but it's true – I don’t care if the baby is a boy or a girl, just as long as it’s healthy.

At my weekly Thursday swimming session I was telling Caroline about the grilling I got last week from Nick’s mum about baby names (and despite some hardcore nagging I 'm proud to say I gave nothing away – actually we’re thinking of Lewis for a boy and Ava for a girl, but watch this space...). She really wants us to have a girl as she’s only had grandsons so far. I hope the baby couldn’t hear what she was saying as he’ll get a complex if he’s a boy, especially as she wants us to call him Mary after Nick’s grandma!

P.S. Finally booked our holiday online. I spent hours looking at websites searching for a good deal and in the end l found exactly what we wanted at a really good price and courtesy of our joint no-cigarettes and no-alcohol fund we actually got some spending money as well. It’s great that we've managed to save quite a bit in only a few months but I think we will have to make the most of this as there’s definitely going to be a strain on our finances once the baby arrives. Anyway, in three weeks we’re off to a chic hotel in Paris for four days and I can’t wait. Everyone says it’s one of the most romantic cities in the world, which sounds good to me. I figure it’ll be our last chance to be slushy to each other before the baby arrives.

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