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Pregnancy Diary-Week 19


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 19

Aaaargh! How can four days seem like sooooooomuch longer? I suppose it’s because I was so busy looking after Nick's parent's this weekend that I missed both my lie-ins, which means I’ve been feeling much more tired than usual. Even going to bed early the night after they’d left didn’t help. I seem to need hours and hours more sleep than I did before I was pregnant.

Their visit was OK really, apart from his mum going on and on about Nick’s two little nephews and how great his sister was with them, how well-behaved they are (surely, that’s not normal) and how she’s the perfect mother (no competition there then). I know I’m ultra, ultra sensitive at the moment, but I’ve just got the feeling that she thinks I’ll never match up to my sister- in-law’s high standards.

Nick's mum also dropped huge hints  about us starting work on the nursery and mentioned the beautiful murals his sister had done (great if you happen to like hand-painted soldiers and teddy bears floating on a background of clouds and rainbows). Personally, I’d rather have primary colours and loads of bright pictures. But she is right, we should make a start on getting the nursery painted sooner rather than later, or else, knowing Nick’s DIY skills, the baby will spend the first three years snuggling down in the spare room alongside his gym ball and weights.

I did ask Nick to go to a DIY shop at lunchtime to pick up some colour charts so we can at least start thinking about what colour we should paint the nursery, but he forgot. Looks as if it’s going to be down to me to get this job started. I’m sure once I’ve chosen the paint Nick’s pride won’t let him watch while I do the painting. Here’s hoping anyway.

Now that my sickness has gone,, my appetite has come back with a vengeance and I always seem to be hungry and I think I must be getting my first cravings. Yesterday I munched my way through a whole tray of ice cubes (I know they’re not very tasty, but I just liked the cold 'n' crunchy sensation in my mouth) and all this week I’ve been knocking back orange juice like crazy. When I consulted guru Dani she told me she had cravings for crumpets and salt and vinegar crisps in both her pregnancies, so I suppose mine are relatively healthy compared to that.

P.S. My app has now told me that by 19 weeks babies can hear things going on outside of the bump (rather than just my heart beat and gurgling stomach noises) so I’ve started to sing and talk to my bump – not when anyone else is around of course, as that would be far too embarrassing, but at night before Nick comes to bed.

The first time I tried it my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of a single nursery rhyme so, as I’d watched Grease on telly the night before, I started singing ‘You’re The One That I Want’. I don’t know what the baby made of it, but there was a lot of kicking after I’d finished... just hope it doesn't come out with sideburns!

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