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Pregnancy Diary-Week 18


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 18

OMG! I'd been expecting it, but I felt my baby move for the first time this week and it was totally amazing – although it was nothing like it said it would be in any of the pregnancy books or on the websites. There were no poetic darting fish or fluttering butterfly wings for me, it was more of a strange kind of tiny tummy rumble.

The first time I felt it I was in the bath (unsurprisingly, as I seem to spend most of my spare time in there these days) and I lay there with my hand on my bump and my mouth open in shock. But then it happened again, and I knew it wasn’t just indigestion (or Nick's dodgy lamb burgers) – it had to be the baby wriggling and wiggling about inside me. I kept feeling the same thing on and off during the week, and it’s such a brilliant sensation. (I had to stop myself from prodding my bump, just so I could feel it again!) I love it, it’s just like a little secret between me and my baby, and it’s so reassuring not to have to wait to hear the heartbeat at my antenatal appointments to know everything’s OK.

I couldn’t help it, I had to text a message to Usha to tell her the good news and she said she knew just how I felt. She’s 22 weeks now and told me that her baby’s movements feel more like kicks and punches, rather than rumblings. I hope this means Nick will feel something soon – when I told him about the kicks, he put his hand on my bump and was a bit disappointed to only feel my blobby belly.

Went out with the girls from work on Friday night to a club and had a wicked time, despite not having a drink (just plenty of alcohol-free cocktails) – I think my withdrawal symptoms must have finally disappeared. I was on a total high from being back to my old self again and from feeling the baby move, so I didn’t need anything else to keep me going. I think everyone thought my drinks were spiked as I kept getting up to dance and didn’t leave until after 12 o’clock (which is very late for me these days). But, there again, they didn’t know I stayed in bed on Saturday until lunchtime and had to have another mammoth lie-in on Sunday as well to recover.

Nick’s mum rang Sunday afternoon to check everything was still OK for them coming to stay. We chatted generally about pregnancy stuff and it was all going fine until she asked me if I’d written my birth plan yet and then made small tutting noises when I said I hadn’t really thought about it as I had ages yet. Grrr, I’m only 18 weeks – it’s not as if baby will be popping out next month (well, I certainly hope not). Knowing her, she’ll turn up next week on the doorstep and present me with her own colour-coded typed out version. Yes, I know she’s Nick’s mother and I'm sure she means well, but I really don’t know how I’m going to put up with her for a whole four days.

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