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Pregnancy Diary-Week 17


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 17

I’m so excited my scan is in three weeks! It’ll be fantastic to get another picture of the baby and see how much bigger it’s grown since the last one. Because we’ll be able to find out loads more at this scan, I asked Nick if he wanted to know the sex. I’m so desperate to learn anything I can about the baby that part of me wouldn’t mind knowing, but Nick told me he definitely doesn’t want to because that would spoil the surprise. He said I could find out if I wanted and not tell him – but seeing as that’s just not humanly possible for me, I’ve decided I'd better wait, too.

I knew they were achy in the early days, but I’d been so obsessed with staring at my growing bump, that I hadn't noticed my boobs getting bigger. When I said this to Nick he raised his eyebrows, smiled and said he'd definitely noticed that particular change. Grrrrrr. Anyway, wanted to check so dug out a tape measure and found that they’ve gone up a whole cup size – blimey!

Because of the whole expanding boob situation I naturally had to go into town to go shopping. I met up with Caroline who wanted to buy something sexy for a party she was going to. We had a good time, but I got a bit depressed watching her trying on all these really slinky size 10 dresses. My bump’s at the stage where it just makes me look fat, rather than pregnant, so I can’t wait until it gets more obvious (I know I could always buy one of those 'baby on board' t-shirts but that’s probably going a bit too far). Finally, I ended up being fitted for two new bras. I was worried that they'd be more ‘goodbye fellas’ than ‘hello boys’, but thankfully there were loads of lovely, flattering sets in bigger sizes that looked sexy and made the most of my new curves.

While Caroline was off trying on yet another tight-fitting number I went to have a nosy around the baby clothes section. Some of the stuff was so cute I was really tempted to buy loads. The problem is, as I don’t know if my baby is a boy or a girl, I can’t really buy baby clothes in bright funky colours like cerise and purple which are the colours I like. I suppose I’m going to have to buy ‘neutral’ baby clothes in pale colours like taupe and white until the baby’s born and we know what sex it is. I know if I have a boy Nick will never agree to putting his son in anything that looked remotely like pink!

In keeping with this colour theme, Nick’s mum is raring to go with the knitting needles which is really lovely, apart from the fact that  I just know all her cardies will be in traditional pastel shades. When I told her I liked colours like purple and green she gave me a funny look and said, ‘Well perhaps I can do a few bright ones as well. Leave it with me.’

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