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Pregnancy Diary-Week 16


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 16

It's a miracle! This has been the first week in what feels like forever that I’ve not wanted to throw up in the morning and everything seems to smell normal again (I even sniffed Nick’s footy boots as a test and they were back to their usual stinky selves). I’ve also braved peeking in the mirror and was amazed to discover that my skin has a hint of glow rather than grey about it – hurrah, about blinkin’ time! Which reminds me, now I’m finally about to get my 'mum-to-be thick and shiny locks', I must book an appointment to have my hair re- styled so that I can make the most of it.

The only scary thing about feeling better is I’ve lost my excuse not to exercise (thanks to constant morning sickness the idea of jumping around in order to get fit was a complete non-starter). Because I was hardly super-fit in my bump-free days (the odd trip to the gym and that was pretty much it), I thought I’d better check with Anne first. She said there was no reason why I couldn’t exercise – in fact she said it would be good for me – as long as I started off by taking it nice and slowly. Apparently I can gradually build up to the more strenuous stuff, but I think I’ll see how I get on over the next few weeks before I do anything too energetic.

So, for now my fitness routine will be going swimming and taking plenty of long walks at the weekend – with or without Nick, depending on whether he is playing football on a Saturday or not. I decided that to stop me wimping out I should go swimming with someone else, so I arranged to go with Caroline for the first time on Thursday night before I had a chance to change my mind. Although I only managed a feeble 15 lengths (Caroline’s been going for ages and managed a more impressive 40), I had a really good time. It was great to feel weightless in the water – which will be a novelty when I’m huge later on, and I liked the idea that my baby was floating along doing the same thing inside me too.

We’ve decided to make Thursdays our swimming night and that we are going to go every week straight after work. Caroline’s really keen so she won’t be making excuses not to go, which is good because that means I’ll have to go too, otherwise I’ll end up feeling bad because I will be letting her down.

When we were driving home afterwards, Caroline started to grill me on pretty much every aspect of my pregnancy and asked all kinds of stuff about the baby – how big it was, whether it looked like a baby yet, etc (you know, I think she’s getting broody, although she won’t admit it). Having checked with my faithful pregnancy app that morning, (which I do every single day to find out what’s happening to me and the baby), I could tell her that my baby was now about the length of a medium-sized avocado and had already got little finger and toe nails – that's so cute!

P.S. Really good news! I got my blood test results back this morning from the hospital – my screening for Down's syndrome showed that I was “low risk”. When I told Nick he gave me a big hug and said in a rather smug way 'See, you shouldn't have worried – I said you’d be fine' which was kind of annoying. But still, I’m glad he was right!

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