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Pregnancy Diary-Week 15


EMMA’S Pregnancy Diary - Week 15

Went to see Anne for an antenatal check this week and she suggested that I take a multi-vitamin supplement which contains vitamin D. Apparently I should take this all through my pregnancy and while I am breastfeeding. She told me which one I should take so I went to the chemist on the way home.

That evening I tried to talk to Nick about how I was feeling about everything, especially the results of the nuchal fold test which are due next week. When I tried to explain how worried I was all I got was a ‘don’t worry, you’ll be fine’ – which is not very helpful. I know it’s hard for him to understand how I feel as all the changes are happening inside me and my body, but sometimes it would be nice to get a bit more understanding. Maybe once he feels the baby kick it’ll start being real for him, too.

It’s funny, but I already feel very protective about my bump. Susan, my boss, was laughing at me this week as she spotted me putting my hand on it when I was talking to her – I suppose it must seem strange to other people, but it’s something I automatically do now without thinking.

Mum rang up this evening to ask what big things she and Dad could buy for the baby – did we want a cot, pushchair or car seat? It’s really generous of them and we really do appreciate their offer, but the trouble is Nick and I haven’t even started making a list of all the stuff we need yet. It’s not his fault, it’s mine as I really don’t want to start thinking about prams and things just yet. I know it’s silly, and I’m sure everything will be fine with the baby, but I’m still superstitious about getting things this early.

When Mum heard I was still feeling sick, she seized the opportunity to launch into her Great Aunt Elsie story again: yes, I know she was sick for the whole nine months with all her seven children, but thanks mum, that’s not totally reassuring...

By the end of our phone conversation I was completely stressed out again (could I really be sick for the whole nine months?) so I headed straight to my sanctuary – the bathroom – where I spent another hour up to my eyes in bubbles. The amount of time I spend wallowing in water these days I’ll look like Yoda from Star Wars by the time I reach 40 weeks.

Bump update: definitely getting loads bigger, but I still can’t imagine a tiny person growing inside me who is sucking their thumb or turning somersaults. I can’t wait to feel them move – then I’ll really know that there’s a baby in there!

P.S. Really good news! I got my scan results back this morning from the hospital – my screening for Down's syndrome showed that I was “low risk”. I know the results are "low chance" not "no chance" but it makes me feel better. When I told Nick he gave me a big hug and said in a rather smug way 'See, you shouldn't have worried – I said you’d be fine' which was kind of annoying.

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