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Pregnancy Diary-Week 12


EMMA'S Pregnancy Diary - Week 12

On Sunday, I had a sickness-free day for once so Nick and I were set to go out with our friends Caroline and Mark to The Insider – a new restaurant that's just opened up in town and has got really good reviews. However, I went to put on my favourite jeans (basically look great, go with anything etc) but found that thanks to my new baby-housing stomach they wouldn’t do up. Although I knew that was going to happen, I just felt sad as it kind of hit home how much my body is going to change in the next six months or so. Nick found me sitting on the end of our bed and told me not to worry as he'd always preferred the dress I was wearing anyway!

It's also been manic at work – my boss has been totally stressed due to a major conference we’ve been holding, so I’ve had double the amount of work than usual. Each afternoon I’ve felt like collapsing but managed to wait until I got home before I crashed out.

I’m usually asleep by eight o’clock – I’m such a lightweight these days! I think the thought of this week's scan was the only thing that was keeping me going.

By the time Thursday came I was really hyper. Nick came with me, which was great, and I’m glad he did, because the whole experience was amazing. I was a bit worried – I kept wondering if the scan would find there was nothing in there and I'd just been making the whole thing up. Beat that for pregnancy paranoia! But it was all fine, we could see the baby's head, spine, hands and legs – and the little heart beating away.

Because up till now all the stuff has been happening inside me, I think it really helped make it seem real to Nick, although he didn't say much at the time, just squeezed my hand tight during the scan. As soon as  I got home I went to text my scan pic to our family and friends so they could see it too. I did try asking Nick about whether I should give the baby a name and he said, based on the photo, either 'alien' or 'prawn' would be a good idea – so looks like the baby is stuck being an ‘it’, ‘he’ or ‘she’ for a bit longer. When I told him that Usha has started calling her baby ‘Flump’ he just laughed....

At the weekend I decided the only one way to cope with my expanding waistline was to go shopping. I asked Dani if she'd come with me as I was dreading it because I thought all the clothes would be hideous. But in fact most of the maternity stuff was OK (I think all the fuss over ’celeb’ mums has made people realise that pregnant women want normal clothes too). I came home with two pairs of (expandable) black trousers which will be handy for work, plus maternity jeans that (miracle-of-miracles) look normal, a couple of tops and some wrap-over dresses that should hopefully cope with the growing bump. 

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