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Pregnancy Diary-Week 11


EMMA'S Pregnancy Diary - Week 11

Hoorah! I’ve just found out that chocolate is good to eat in  pregnancy ! Well, kind of, anyway. At work Dani was reading the news online which said that if pregnant women were having trouble getting enough iron, dark chocolate is one way to up your level. OK, so it said getting it through green vegetables and red meat was a more sensible option, of course.

Mind you, chocolate is about the last thing I feel like eating at the moment. My sicky feeling has got worse and worse, and some days I’ve been throwing up in the mornings – which can make breakfast meetings a challenge.

However, I’ve worked out my own tactics to make me feel better – eating a banana when I wake up starving at night, or first thing in the morning before I get out of bed, seems to help calm my dodgy stomach. Also not eating and drinking at the same time seems to help too, along with drinking fizzy mineral water rather than tap water – which is a bit weird. Usha said her morning sickness was over by the twelfth week and that having a ginger biscuit before she got out of bed really helped her. I think I’ll give it a try.

I’m just hoping this horrible stage wears off soon as it's not much fun and then I can get to the fairytale shiny hair, glowing skin part of pregnancy – if it really does exist! The only entertaining thing about my severe morning sickness is the way it's been confusing my mum and mum-in-law (there should be a warning given out to pregnant women at their first doctor appointment that from now on they're at severe risk of well-meaning relatives spouting random pregnancy nonsense at them on a daily basis). According to Nick’s mum the reason I’m feeling so sick is because I’m ‘definitely’ carrying a boy, but my mum swears blind that it’s a girl because of the ‘well-known fact’ that they make you throw up more. Hmm, I suppose one of them has to be right.…

Nick was out tonight with his brother to see a band(something indie and American, can't remember the name) so I had a long, long soak in the bath (complete with celeb magazine and a bath bomb) and totally chilled out. I lay there until the water started turning cold just staring at my tummy (it’s becoming a sad hobby of mine) trying to imagine what the baby looks like. It’s still so hard to believe that there’s really a baby growing inside me – I can’t wait for my scan next week when I’ll get to see them ‘in person’ for the first time.

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