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Pregnancy Diary-Week 10


EMMA'S Pregnancy Diary - Week 10

Woke up on Monday morning feeling fluey with a killer headache. I’d heard that I shouldn’t take any medicine in the first trimester unless it was prescribed by my doctor, so I drank loads of water and went back to bed feeling sorry for myself. The next day I was still hot and shivery, so I went to see Dr MacKenzie who found out I’d got a urine infection. She gave me some antibiotics which she said were okay for me to take even though I’m pregnant. Hopefully they’ll start working soon because I’m fed up with rushing backwards and forwards to the loo all the time.

Felt almost human by Thursday, so I went back to work determined to stay fit and healthy. My plan is to be good and drink lots of water each day and cut down on caffeine – which means swapping to caffeine free tea and coffee and not having a sneaky can of cola in the afternoon. I also plan to go for a walk everyday in my lunch break – whatever the weather.

While I was still feeling virtuous, I booked an appointment for the dentist next week. She said that bleeding gums can be a problem during pregnancy and as this isn’t a very attractive look, I thought I’d better take her advice.

At the weekend I went to the cinema with Caroline and Fiona for our regular girlie film night (i.e. one we all like, but that Nick would spend all the time rolling his eyes and groaning through). Unfortunately I think the hormones must have kicked in big time – I spent the whole film bawling at the soppy bits while the other two sniggered at me as they munched their way through their popcorn.

On Sunday evening the plan was for Nick and I to sit down and talk about grown-up, sensible things like what we’re going to do for money after the birth and how we were going to look after the baby, but we ended up spending an hour arguing about baby names instead.

He's totally convinced it’s going to be a girl and wants to call the baby Beth or Ava, while I think it 's going to be a boy and quite like Lewis and Cameron (I think that's down to my Scottish grandparents). The only thing we did both finally agree on was not to tell anyone what we’ve decided until after the baby is born – that way no one can put us off by saying they hate the name and it will come as a surprise to everyone.

P.S. Just had a Facebook message from one of my old school mates – Usha – and she’s pregnant too! It’s so cool – she’s 14 weeks, exactly a month ahead of me. It’s going to be great to be able to share how I’m feeling with someone who’s going through the same things as me, and she’ll be able to tell me all the things I’ve got to look forward to (as well as all the scary things I haven't!).

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