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Braxton hicks


How to tell braxton hicks from real contractions

You will notice your abdomen tightens and feels hard and then relaxes again. These are Braxton Hicks or ‘practise’ contractions; a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

You may have already experienced them in the second trimester, but they tend to be more common in late pregnancy, but unlike real contractions, they don’t build up and are not painful, just uncomfortable.

Other signs that your body is preparing for labour

Some women find their breasts start to leak colostrum, a creamy milk that is rich in the antibodies that will help protect your baby against infections.

Wearing breast pads inside your bra will help to prevent embarrassing leakages.

You are also much more prone to backache and sprains/strains now because the pregnancy hormone, progesterone, has caused your muscles and ligaments to soften.

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