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Baby boy names


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Name Meaning
Aadarsh One who has principles Ideal
Aadidev The first god Ancient god
Aaditya Sun
Aagman Arrival
Aahan Ahan One who is of the nature of time itself
Aakaar Shape
Aalap Musical composition Prelude to a raga
Aamod Pleasure
Aanjaneya Anjaneya Son of Anjani Name of Hanuman
Aaraadhak Araadhak Aradhak Worshipper
Aatish Explosive A dynamic person Fireworks Name of Lord Ganesha
Aatma Atmaram Soul Spirit
Aatreya Name of a sage
Aayushmaan Aayushman With long life
Abhaidev Free of fear
Abhay Fearless
Abhijay Victorious
Abhimanuya The son of Arjun in Mahabharat
Abhinandan Abhinandana Greetings Felicitous Welcoming
Abhinav An act Quite New Brand New
Abhinay Expression
Abhirath Great Charioteer
Abhivaadan Abhivadan Greeting
Adarsh Ideal
Aditya The sun
Agharna The moon
Agnimitra Friend of fire
Agniprava Bright as the fire
Agrata Leadership
Ahsan Nice Beautiful Mercy Favour
Ajanta Eternal fame A famous Buddist cave
Ajit Ajeet Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu
Akhil Complete Entire Earth World
Akroor Kind Gentle A Yadava chief Krishna's friend
Akshay Immortal Everlasting Indestructible
Akshit Permanent
Akul Lord Shiva
Alop That which does not disappear
Amar Immortal Everlasting
Amaresh Name of Indra
Ameet Boundless
Amish Pure Honest
Amitabh Amitaabh Unlimited One with boundless splendour Boundless lustre
Amoorta Formless
Anand Aanand Joy Bliss
Ananth Anant Endless Infinite
Angad An ornament Son of Bali (Bali was a mighty character in the holy hindu epic Ramayan)
Anil Wind
Animesh To stare open-eyed
Anish Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva
Ankal Whole One who has no illness
Ankur New Life
Anmol Priceless
Anoop Incomparable
Anshul Radian
Anshumat Luminous
Anuj Younger Brother
Anup Incomparable
Anuva Knowledge
Apurva Apoorva Very good Unique
Arav Peaceful
Archan Worship
Ardhendu Half Moon
Arhat Respectable
Arij Pleasant Smell
Arjit Earned
Arun Sun The dawn
Arya Civilized The best
Aseelah From the noble family
Ashcharya Surprise
Ashish Blessing
Ashok Without sadness
Ashwani Son of Lord Sun
Ashwin Hindu Month
Asit Not white
Asiya One who tends to the weak and heals
Atal Firm Immoveable
Atithi Guest
Atul Uncomparable Matchless
Atulya Unequalled
Avalok Who beholds
Avanindra King of the earth
Avinash Indestructible
Avkash Limitless Space
Aadhishankar Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
Aakarshan Attraction
Abhijat Noble, Wise, Total Victory
Abhilash Wish / Desire
Abhisar Companion
Achal Stable/ Soul
Achyuta Indestructible, One Who is Firm
Advait Advik Unique
Agnivesh Dhronacharya’s Guru
Ajkhyat Famous
Aadhishankar Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
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