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28 weeks pregnant


28 weeks pregnant | pregnancy guide

Your baby is around the weight of an aubergine 1.1kg and measures 37.6cm (head to heel)...

Your growing baby

Your baby's eyes are blinking and they can sense light filtering in from the womb. The brain is continuing to develop billions of neurons in preparation for the outside world. The major organ systems such as the brain, lungs and liver are having the finishing touches applied to them and body fat is up to three percent.

Crucially, the lungs are now capable of breathing air because if birth occurs now your baby has a good chance of survival, although medical intervention, including oxygen, assistance with breathing, surfactant replacement therapy and naso-gastric feeding would be needed.

Inside the uterus the formation of tiny capillaries is ensuring that your baby's skin has a healthy pink glow.

Antibodies are being soaked up from your blood to strengthen your baby's immune system and prepare for fighting disease after birth.

What's happening to you

Your baby's movements should have developed a regular pattern by this stage. If you notice any change in the movements you should contact your hospital immediately as it could be a sign that your baby is in distress. It's important to seek advice as soon as you feel any changes rather than wait until the next day.

You will probably be visiting the doctor every two weeks now.

Usually you will be offered bloods test to recheck your iron level and an antibody screen. If you have risk factors for diabetes you will be a glucose tolerance test to look for diabetes in pregnancy - a condition called gestational diabetes.

Also, if you have Rhesus negative blood you will be offered an injection of Rh immunoglobulin to prevent your body from developing antibodies that might attack your baby's blood.

Around 28 weeks pregnant some women experience restless leg syndrome, a restless feeling in their lower legs when relaxing. It is not known why some pregnant women experience this but it is relatively common.

Need to know

Things for you to consider during week 28 of your pregnancy:

  • Always contact the hospital immediately if your baby is moving less than usual, or not at all.
  • Your blood will be tested for anaemia this week.
  • If your blood group is Rhesus-negative you may be offered an injection of anti-D this week.
  • Stretching and massaging your legs will help to ease discomfort. Cut out caffeine as this is known to make restless leg symptoms worse.
  • You might be offered a whooping cough vaccine between now and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

What to expect at week 29 of your pregnancy...

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