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21 weeks pregnant


21 weeks pregnant | pregnancy guide

Length is now measured crown to heel; at 21 weeks pregnant your baby has grown to 10.5 inches (27 cm), about the length of a large banana.

It weighs around 12.7oz/360g and will steadily increase that weight gain throughout the rest of the pregnancy. Those little butterfly feelings that you weren't quite convinced were baby acrobatics now leave you in no doubt as they develop into kicks and thumps!

Facial features are becoming more recognisable as eyebrows and eyelids are now present. If your baby is a girl her vagina will also be forming.

Your baby may now have a definite pattern of activity. Each day several ounces of amniotic fluid are being gulped into your baby's mouth and the newly developed taste buds will be put to work.

This fluid will provide hydration and nutrition and the swallowing action is great practice for life after birth.

It has become apparent in recent studies of infants that they will be more interested in tastes they have experienced through the amniotic fluid while still in their mother's womb.

And mum?

Although you are still feeling good and not too uncomfortable, at 21 weeks pregnant there may be some irritating small inconveniences that you need to deal with.

Varicose veins could begin to develop if your family are prone to them so exercise regularly and elevate your legs and feet as often as possible. Unfortunately, these tend to get worse with each pregnancy and as you age.

High progesterone levels in your body cause the vein wall to relax and bulge out.

Spider-veins are something else that you may notice, especially around your ankles and sometimes on the face. These are fine thin red vessels near the skin's surface that resemble fine tree branches. Don't worry, they are not painful and will probably disappear soon after the birth.

Mild acne could be another minor problem. Increased production of oil is a side effect of pregnancy. Be really vigilant with your skincare routine and use oil-free make-up.

However, avoid acne medication unless you have spoken to your doctor first.

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