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15 weeks pregnant


15 weeks pregnant | pregnancy guide

Baby is over 4 inches (10cm) long and weighs about 2.5 ounces (75 g) at 15 weeks pregnant. Your little orange-sized miracle has fully functional joints in its limbs and the legs have now grown longer than the arms.

These limbs are put to very good use as your baby is extremely active wriggling around in the amniotic fluid. The fluid is breathed into the tiny formative lungs to help develop the air sacs.

The facial muscles are still getting a good workout with plenty of frowning and grimacing. Although the eyelids are still fused together your baby will sense light. If you shine a strong torch beam on your tummy the baby will turn away from it. If this is the week for your ultrasound it may be possible for you to see the movement of your baby.

The intestines are continuing their journey into the baby’s body and taste buds are forming in the mouth.

And mum?

By now you may have gained about five pounds in weight. At 15 weeks pregnant increased blood flow to your nasal passages could cause nose bleeds or a blocked nose.

Don’t worry about these symptoms as this condition is so common it has been given a name- ‘pregnancy rhinitis’.

This second trimester tends to be the most enjoyable as your bump is still very small and the increased hormone levels are making you feel great if possibly sometimes a little emotional.

Both you and your partner should try to relax and not fret too much about the baby’s health and wellbeing.

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