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13 weeks pregnant


13 weeks pregnant | pregnancy guide

Your little peach-sized miracle is still growing rapidly and at 13 weeks pregnant weighs in at around 1 ounce with a length of 3 inches/8cm. The proportions of head to body are now approaching normal.

Vocal cords and teeth are forming in preparation for major disruption to your life in a few months time! The ears are now developed to a stage where the baby may be able to hear your voice; so start practising those lullabies.

The diaphragm is still being exercised and strengthened by the hiccups and your baby’s bone marrow is busy making the white blood cells needed for fighting infection after birth.

Organs are forming in order to make the hormones necessary for ongoing development and the intestines are now moving to your baby’s tummy from the umbilical cord where they have been patiently waiting.

Tiny hairs start to cover the body and the senses of taste and smell are further refined. Amazingly, your baby’s unique fingerprints are now perfectly formed. If you are expecting a girl she will already have around two million eggs in her ovaries.

And mum?

Congratulations on reaching the end of the first trimester. At 13 weeks pregnant the risk of miscarriage now becomes much lower.

Morning sickness and fatigue may now have eased and you will experience a more energetic phase with possibly an increased libido! Continue with your healthy diet and exercise and treat yourself to some of the fabulous and trendy maternity fashions that are available in the shops.

Although birth is still months away, colostrum may start to form in your breasts in preparation for your baby’s first meal.

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