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11 weeks pregnant


11 weeks pregnant | pregnancy guide

Baby is now about the size of a small lime, about 1.5 inches (35mm). It is almost fully formed. At 11 weeks pregnant the head and body are actually about equal in size and the skin is so transparent that blood vessels can be seen through it.

Your baby is kicking, stretching and clenching its fists but you will be unaware of any of this for quite some time yet. The diaphragm is forming and the baby will hiccup regularly while this is happening.

The webbing between fingers and toes has disappeared and tiny tooth buds are forming. The senses are rapidly developing and your baby can now feel.

Bones are beginning to become harder and the sex organs are developing. The intestines are now able to make constricting movements in preparation for later. This is the beginning of quite an active phase for your baby who will be somersaulting in the copious amounts of amniotic fluid.

And mum?

Hopefully by 11 weeks pregnant the nausea of the last few weeks is subsiding and you are feeling a little more energetic. The changes occurring in your hormone levels may mean that you experience some constipation and possibly heartburn. These symptoms are perfectly normal so don't worry.

Weight gain is minimal in the first trimester (the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) but try to only eat healthy vitamin–rich food, including five portions of fruit and vegetable each day and wholegrain bread and cereals that will nourish both of you. You will soon be entering the second trimester of pregnancy and should take time to concentrate on interacting with your baby.

Bleeding gums are very common in pregnancy due to an increased blood flow, so it's important to take special care to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Book an appointment with your dentist to ensure you keep your teeth in good shape.

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