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Worried about losing the baby weight? Don't


Simple ways to stop stressing about getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight

In our modern culture there seems to be pressure to return to your pre-birth body in no time. But with a baby to care for the last thing you need is to be worrying about your body shape.

Here are our 7 top tips to help you combat those negative thoughts.

1. Are you under-eating?

It's extremely common for new mums to under-eat rather than over-eat. If you think that sounds unlikely, jot down what you actually eat for a week. Look at your notes and underline nutritional foods you have eaten that provide real nourishment for you.

2. What’s eating you?

Sometimes it’s not what you eat but what is worrying you that will keep the extra weight stuck. If you’re stressed, overwhelmed or unhappy, weight loss can be more of a challenge

3. You’re just like your baby

You’re exhausted, so it’s important to remember that your body can confuse being tired with being hungry. You will find your weight loss, and life in general, much easier if you’re properly rested. That’s the holy grail for new mums who are desperate for sleep, so try to just do what you and your baby need to thrive. 

4. Drink more water!

Just as exhaustion can confuse your body, being thirsty can do the same. Ask yourself ‘Am I hungry or thirsty?’ Drink a long drink of water and re-assess your appetite. This is particularly important while breastfeeding.

5. Love your body – it’s amazing!

Women who are unhappy with the changes in their body’s shape after childbirth can disconnect from their own bodies. It’s a vital part of healing and moving forward to acknowledge deep within yourself that your body has done the very best it could throughout your pregnancy and birth.

6. You are what you eat

Just as you are particular about what you feed your  baby, raise the bar about what you eat too. There’s a growing realisation in the medical profession of the links between food and moods. It is important to eat the best quality food you can afford - looking for good quality protein, and a rainbow variety of vegetables on your plate at every mealtime.

7. Change is good

Remember your body has changed and transformed itself since you were a child. Even more radical changes took place throughout your  pregnancy  and the birth of your baby. Be reassured that your body can change again.

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