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Flying with your baby


Advice when flying abroad with baby

Believe it or not, travelling with babies is all about the forward planning...

Here's all the advice you need when flying abroad with your little one.

Quick advice

If your journey is by plane you can start making life easier for yourself when you book the flight. Tell the airline that you have a small baby and take advantage of all the extra help they offer parents.

Many airlines have 'sky-cots' that clip into the bulkhead in front of the parents' seats. There are obviously only a small number of these bulkhead seats available on each aircraft, so the secret is to book your seats as early as possible!

Babies will quite often experience ear pain when the aircraft climbs to its cruising altitude at the start of the flight, so it helps to breastfeed during this time. The sucking action helps to equalise the pressure in the ears. Repeat this when the aircraft begins to descend before landing.

Babies should not be given any sedatives when travelling as they can become more excitable after taking them.

It is a good idea to have individual nappies packed with a few wipes and a nappy sack. This way you will have only your baby and a small nappy pack to take to the loo with you.

It's recommended that you try to book night flights if possible because this is less disruptive to your baby's routine. Most babies find the gentle rocking of the aircraft quite calming and soon go off to sleep once the plane is in level flight.

Advice on your holiday accommodation

Many parents opt to go into self-catered accommodation when their children are small. This means they then have the flexibility of organising the baby's feeding routine in their own kitchen.

Self-catering will also offer laundry facilities which enable you to recycle baby clothes and pack fewer items in your luggage.

If you're going on a sun holiday, it's important that your child is kept safe in the sun. For information on keeping your baby cool, read our article here.

Before your holiday, we recommend that you visit your chemist and put together a small first aid pack for emergencies. This should include: infant paracetamol, a thermometer, re-hydration sachets, calamine lotion and insect repellent.

A happy, safe and stress-free holiday with your baby will hopefully be the reward for all your preparation and planning!

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