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Fit for fatherhood

Foods to Boost Fertility

Is your partner fit and healthy for fatherhood?

It's not about whether you'll be a good dad, we're talking about whether you're fit and healthy enough to help conceive a baby.

Isn't foetal health the woman’s role?

It's not so simple. Fertility research suggests that in 50% of infertility cases the man contributes to the problem in some way*. And male infertility is fully responsible in a third of cases.**

So what to do if you and your partner are planning a baby? The good news is that preconception health is simple: eat well and live a healthy lifestyle – and that means both of you.

You could grasp at magic straws and gorge on traditional aphrodisiacs like oysters,shark fins and chilli. Better by far to create a long-term healthy lifestyle that will not only help you conceive a healthy baby, but make you and your partner look and feel great too.

Getting fit and healthy

You know the general principles. Too much alcohol and smoking don’t help. A fatty diet not only leads to you becoming overweight but also lowers your fertility. Fresh, natural foods contain more nutrients and fewer unhealthy factors than processed foods.

Both of you – plus that baby-to-be - will benefit from incorporating these guidelines in your daily diets. It doesn't mean misery – just adapt the kind of meals you both like to make your new-style eating an enjoyable culinary adventure. Include:

  • Folic acid: found in leafy green vegetables, oranges, whole cereals
  • Vitamin C: found in a wide range of fruit and vegetables
  • Calcium: in dairy foods, salmon, fish with small bones
  • Zinc especially for men: in meat, seafood (those oysters!), eggs, dairy, beans, nuts
  • Selenium: in garlic and Brazil nuts
  • Learn to love ‘good’ fats: (found in fish and certain plant oils) instead of saturated fats (e.g. fry-ups) which are believed to lead to low sperm counts and low-quality sperm
  • Check your BMI: (body mass index) is within the recommended range. Being under or overweight can affect sperm production
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Check your medication: some may have an effect on sperm quality so it’s good to talk it through with your doctor. Drugs such as marijuana are also believed to affect sperm count and quality
  • Keep testicles cool: sperm count is reduced if testicles are overheated e.g. through tight briefs, electric blankets, hot tubs, saunas, and even cycling
  • Environment: if you work with chemicals or radiation, seek advice about their possible effect on fertility

If conception doesn't happen according to plan, both partners can soon become stressed, which doesn't help. Make sure lovemaking is relaxed and romantic and don’t allow it to become a tense chore.

* Guidelines on Male infertility (2015)

* * NICE (February 2013)

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