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Toddler 4 years


Child development at four years

Children grow at different rates so rest assured that your child?s rate of development is almost certainly normal and if she seems not to have reached the same stage as others her age, she very soon will do. Here's what to expect when your toddler is four years old:

This pre-school stage is when your toddler builds on and refines old skills while learning a whole raft of new ones. She will be confident about the basic life skills she’s already learnt, such as talking, walking, running, using crayons and building things and will put them to good use every day. She will be lively and energetic and probably very sociable. Your toddler will be endlessly fascinated by people and will enjoy talking to complete strangers. She can probably carry on a conversation using two to three sentences now.

Routines have become an important part of your toddler's life, because not only do they provide structure, they also give her a feeling of security and order that she finds comforting in her very busy life. You may notice that your toddler introduces routines of her own, for example, always going to get a book for you to read at bedtime.

Her understanding of time is growing and she will probably know now that night follows day and that when you say 'tomorrow' you mean the next day. You can help her by discussing what you are doing during the day, for example, 'we are going to have lunch now and then at two o'clock we will go to the park'. Although she can't tell the time, by referring to specific times during the day, 'Daddy will be home at five', 'it's six o'clock, time for your bath', you will be helping her to understand the concept of time passing.

Your toddler at four years old

Should be able to:

  • draw a person with two to four body parts
  • cooperate with other children
  • show increasing independence
  • know a few numbers

will probably be able to:

  • hop and skip
  • draw circles and squares
  • get dressed and undressed without help
  • understand the concept of time

might be able to:

  • write her name in capital letters
  • understand the difference between fantasy and reality
  • carry on a conversation of several sentences

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