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Toddler 3 years


Child development at three years

Children grow at different rates so rest assured that your child's rate of development is almost certainly normal and if she seems not to have reached the same stage as others her age, she very soon will do. Here's what to expect when your toddler is three years old:

Your toddler is becoming very curious and will want to know about everything, so expect lots of questions. She knows many more words now and can make up simple stories of her own. Although her grammar is improving, it’s not perfect. Rather than correcting her, you can help your toddler by repeating back what she's said using the right words. She will enjoy nursery rhymes and singing along with you to familiar songs. Her sense of humour is developing and she will laugh at simple jokes.

Sometimes your toddler may sound as though she is stuttering or stammering. This happens when she is trying to tell you something but is finding it difficult because she doesn't yet have the language skills she needs. You can help by listening to what she is trying to say and encouraging her by offering the right word when she is struggling.

As she becomes more confident and adventurous she is less likely to have tantrums, although they may still happen occasionally. Your toddler may still be uncomfortable with change and want to hang onto familiar routines.

Her memory and understanding of past and present is improving, and she’ll be able to tell you about things that happened a month or two ago. Although she understands the difference between night and day she is still too young to understand the concept of morning and afternoon.

Your little one is learning to share and take turns and is beginning to understand that others may see things differently to the way she does. Going to a playgroup or daycare now will help your child's social skills.

Your toddler at three years old

Should be able to:

  • describe how an object is used (eating with a spoon, drawing with crayons)
  • use four or five word sentences
  • name actions such as skipping, running or sitting
  • use the pedals on a tricycle
  • stand on tiptoe

Will probably be able to:

  • balance on one foot for a few seconds
  • follow more than one instruction at a time (go upstairs and get your shoes)
  • turn pages one at a time

Might be able to:

  • hop and skip
  • draw a circle
  • get dressed without help

What to expect, your child at 3 1/2 years

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