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Toddler 3 1/2 years


Child development at three and a half years

Children grow at different rates so rest assured that your child's rate of development is almost certainly normal and if she seems not to have reached the same stage as others her age, she very soon will do. Here's what to expect when your toddler is three-and-a-half years old:

Children learn from copying people so your toddler will be copying you a lot at this age She will often copy the speech that she hears used in her family. She may talk to her toys in a similar manner to the way you talk to her and play pretend games where she uses different voices for each of the characters she makes up. Her imagination knows no bounds now, so encourage her to explore the world around her through play, stories and games.

Your little one may become fearful about things, which can seem quite irrational to you, but to her these fears are very real. Monsters hiding under the bed or in cupboards, for example, can be the cause of bedtime tears. Don't belittle these fears, your child needs reassurance rather than to be told that she is being silly. It's hard for her to distinguish between fantasy and reality at this age.

With your encouragement she will enjoy learning different colours and will want to share her new knowledge at every opportunity. She will also understand the concept of counting and may know a few numbers. You can encourage this by using simple counting rhymes.

Now is a good time to establish a routine so that your child starts to learn responsible habits, for example, putting her dirty clothes in the washing basket or helping you put her toys away before bed. Don't make the tasks too difficult or they may appear overwhelming to your toddler.

Your toddler at three-and-a-half years old

Should be able to:

Will probably be able to:

Might be able to:

  • Hop and stand on one foot
  • Move backwards and forwards with agility
  • Go up and down stairs without support
  • Tell stories
    • Catch a bounced ball
    • Use scissors
    • Copy capital letters
    • Say first name, age and sex
    • Show an understanding of time
    • Understand the concept of same and different
    • Talk well enough for a stranger to understand
    • Name friends

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