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Toddler 2 1/2 years


Child development at two and a half years

Children grow at different rates so rest assured that your child’s rate of development is almost certainly normal and if she seems not to have reached the same stage as others her age, she very soon will do. Here's what to expect when your toddler is two-and-a-half years old:

At this age ‘no’ and ‘won’t’ are probably your toddler’s favourite words! She is beginning to see herself as a separate person and is trying to figure out how her life works. It’s quite normal for her to be stroppy and difficult and it’s best to avoid direct confrontation if you can as this will only lead to more tears and tantrums. Take comfort in the fact that this is only a phase, and she will grow out of it over the next few months.

Many toddlers have their own routines and rituals, which they resolutely cling on to, no matter how much they are persuaded to do things differently. Your toddler uses these to give herself a feeling of security in what she sees as her rapidly changing world. If you try to alter any of these routines your toddler is likely to become very upset, so where possible allow your toddler to stick to doing what is familiar to her.

Despite all this difficult behaviour, there is some sunshine amongst all the storms as you are likely to find that your little one has a cheeky sense of humour. You will also notice that she has a greater range of expressions now, so her humour or otherwise will show clearly on her face.

Your toddler may now be speaking in short sentences rather than using only one or two words. She will probably refer to herself as ‘I’ or ‘me’ and to others as ‘you’. She may play happily with other children for a short while but will easily become upset and may grab and push to get what she wants. Being possessive about her belongings, especially her toys, is quite natural at this age. Learning to share usually doesn’t happen until your toddler is a bit older.

Your toddler at two-and-a-half

Should be able to:

  • hold and use crayons
  • understand the meaning of ‘later’, ‘now’ and ‘not now’
  • copy simple actions

will probably be able to:

  • talk in short sentences
  • refer to herself as ‘I’ and ‘me’
  • build a tower using four or five blocks
  • recognise and name some colours

might be able to:

  • play with, rather than alongside, other children
  • jump down a step
  • show a preference for certain things such as choosing a book, or TV programme

What to expect, your child at 3 years

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