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How to introduce solids safely

Baby Food Safety

Baby food safety advice

Once you start to give your baby solids you’ll need to follow some simple food safety and hygiene rules.

Feeding equipment

First the good news, by the time your little one is old enough to start on solid food you can relax a little on the need to sterilise everything. For more information, read our article about sterilising your baby's feeding equipment

When they reach six months or over, any cups, plates and bowls you use can be washed in very hot water with washing up liquid (or in the dishwasher) but make sure you rinse them with cold water afterwards.

Keep it fresh

Check that all the food you buy and give to your little one is fresh and within its ‘sell-by’ or ‘use by date’, and make sure you wash all fresh fruit and vegetables thoroughly before serving to remove any dirt, bacteria and pesticides.

Safe storage

  • Never put cooked and raw foods next to each other in the fridge
  • Keep raw meat or fish well wrapped so their juices don’t spill onto any other food
  • Keep all unwrapped food in the fridge covered with a lid or cling film

Good hygiene

  • Wash your hands before preparing food and after handling raw meat
  • Use separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables
  • Keep food preparation surfaces, high chairs and chopping boards spotlessly clean
  • Wash dish clothes and tea towels regularly
  • Always wash your hands after you’ve been to the loo – and teach your children to do the same

Careful cooking

Never give raw eggs or raw fish to your baby and don’t give them any salty food – it is hard for their body to process and it could damage their kidneys. Don’t add salt or sugar when you’re cooking.

Always use a high heat for your baby’s food to cook it thoroughly - especially meat, fish and eggs, and cool before serving. Don’t leave the food out to cool down though, put it in the fridge to keep any bacteria from growing.

If you’re heating up chilled or frozen food for your baby, remember that it should only be heated up once – if it’s not finished don’t be tempted to reheat it, just throw it away.


Always check the temperature of the food before you serve it to your little one.

If you are using jars of baby food don’t feed your baby directly from the jar.  If they don’t finish the food you are offering don’t keep the rest for another meal, bin what’s left.

Never leave your child alone while they are eating as they could choke or fall from the high chair - and avoid nuts, fruit with tough skin and seeds as these could get stuck in their throat and cause them to choke.

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