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Burns and scalds - 1st aid guide


1st aid advice for burns and scalds

The most likely cause of scalds in the home is a baby that pulls a hot drink onto himself.

Cool the burn as quickly as possible by placing the affected area under cold running water, for at least 10 minutes.

A shower can be used to cool a burn providing you can support the baby in the shower. Only use the shower head to cool the affected area, ensure temperature is set to cool and the pressure is low.

Covering the whole baby or child, rather than just the area of the burn, with cold water could result in hypothermia.

It is common for swelling to occur following a burn therefore remove any tight clothing before the swelling occurs. However, do not remove clothing or material that may be sticking to the burn.

Raise the limb to reduce swelling.

Cover the injury using cling film – it's the cleanest and most effective dressing that is readily available - and seek medical advice.

In case of a serious burn, rush to your nearest hospital emergency department and get advice from a paediatrician.

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