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Baby month 23


23 Month old baby development

At nearly two your toddler’s movements are smooth and co-ordinated, while her vocabulary is increasing almost daily. Here's what else you can expect:

Reading and looking at books together will not only help to increase a child’s vocabulary, but is also an ideal way of fitting some ‘quiet time’ into a busy todder’s life. Choose books that show things that your toddler will recognise so that you can talk about them together. best replica watches

Ask her questions about the pictures and discuss how the things you are looking at relate to her life.

Most toddlers love to colour and draw and by this age your child should be able control a pencil or crayon quite well.

She may be able to draw an almost straight line and make shapes that look a bit like circles. You’ll probably notice that when she is scribbling on a piece of paper her artistic efforts are more controlled and now stay on the paper rather than going all over the place.

If you haven’t already done so, now might be a good time to move your child into a proper bed as she is getting to an age when climbing out of her cot can be a tempting idea.

Some children accept the move from cot to bed without any fuss; others don’t find the transition so easy, so if you toddler is unhappy about sleeping in a bed be prepared to put the cot back until she’s ready. 

Try not to make the move when your toddler is coping with other pressures such a toilet training, starting nursery or the arrival of a new baby.

Your toddler at 23 months:

She should be able to:

  • Build a tower of building blocks
  • Name simple pictures in a book
  • Use two or three word sentences
  • Turn pages one at a time

She will probably be able to:

  • Copy straight lines and circle shapes
  • Join in nursery rhymes
  • Move from cot to bed
  • Show more interest in playing with other children

She might be able to:

  • Ask ‘why?’
  • Understand opposites such as ‘big’ and ‘small’
  • Ride a tricycle without pedalling properly
  • Put socks and shoes on

What to expect from your child at 2 years ..

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