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Baby month 21


21 month old baby development

Your little one may start to show signs of aggression towards other children by hitting, biting and pushing; toddlers often start doing this as a kind of experiment to see what reaction they get. Find out what else you can expect from your 21 month old:

If your child is showing aggression, try not to overreact, and don’t hit or bite your toddler back as this only teaches her that hitting and biting is acceptable.

Instead, explain to her as calmly as you can why this type of behaviour is wrong. You may have to do this on a number of occasions before she understands, but it shouldn't take too long before she realises that aggressive behaviour is unacceptable.

At 21 months your child is likely to be on the move most of the time, mountaineering over your furniture and using the floor as a racetrack as she careers up and down at full speed.

As your toddler has no sense of danger it's up to you to make sure she's safe by effectively childproofing your home. Make sure that furniture can't be pulled over and that hazardous items are kept well out of reach.

You may notice that your child shows signs of being aware of needing to use the toilet; she may hold herself or crouch down just before she needs to go. These signs show that she has an awareness of wanting to urinate or have a bowel movement so, although she might not be completely ready yet, you are getting closer to successful potty training.

Many children become fussy eaters at around this age; your toddler may suddenly take a dislike to a food she's eaten quite happily in the past; she may also develop strange phobias, such as suddenly not wanting certain foods to touch each other on the plate.

It's best to humour her during this stage otherwise you will end up having battles at each mealtime. Rest assured that your child won't starve and that any fussy eating habits should diminish as your child gets older.

Your toddler at 21 months:

She should be able to:

  • Enjoy doing simple tasks around the house
  • Make simple choices
  • Interact with other children

She will probably be able to:

  • Throw a ball over arm
  • Build a tower with building blocks
  • Name body parts
  • Walk backwards

She might be able to:

  • Name people that she's familiar with in a photograph
  • Walk down stairs holding on
  • Tell you that she needs to go to the toilet

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