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Baby month 20


20 month old baby development

At 20 months old your toddler is learning new words everyday, although the one she uses the most is likely to be ‘no’!; here's what else you can expect:

It's important to note that she isn’t just being difficult when she says ‘no’,rolex replica watches rather she is testing you to see how far she can go. It’s a good idea to make decisions about the things you are repared to compromise on – what she eats, or wears perhaps – and the things that are non-negotiable, such as staying strapped in her car seat, or keeping away from something dangerous.

Although this constant battle of wills can be exhausting, especially if it result in tantrums, it’s not all bad news – your toddler is showing you that she feels confident and secure enough to test boundaries.

Now that your little one can move about confidently on her feet she is likely to prefer running to walking. As her steering may not be too good, you can expect some bumps and bruises when she fails to navigate her way around objects, or is unable to stop when she’s running full tilt.

Stairs are fascinating to toddlers who usually want to climb up and down them, often more than once!

By this age your child may be able to walk up the stairs holding onto the rail or your hand. She is less likely to be able to manage walking down and will probably prefer to climb down on her hands and knees, or on her bottom.

Falling down a flight of stairs can cause serious injury,panerai replica watches so don’t allow your child to play on the stairs, and always accompany her when she’s going up or down them.

Toddlers need at least one nap a day – some are happier with two – so make sure that your child has the chance to sleep for a specific period each day.

Having a regular period of sleep – after lunch is usually a good time – will prevent your toddler from becoming overtired and fractious later in the day.

Make the routine similar to her bedtime routine – read her a story and give her a cuddle and put her down in her cot – so that she associates naptime with sleep.

Your toddler at 20 months:

She should be able to:

  • Take off most of her clothes with a bit of help
  • Run about unaided
  • Walk up stairs (but not down)
  • Enjoy symbolic play such as bathing a doll

She will probably be able to:

  • Look for hidden or lost objects
  • Sleep less during the day
  • Jump with feet together

She might be able to:

  • Copy a straight line
  • Name body parts
  • Throw a ball overarm
  • Kick a ball

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