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Baby month 19


19 month old baby development

At 19 months your toddler is growing in confidence, which in turn will make her want to become more independent; you can help her to develop this growing independence by giving her simple choices that allow her to make decisions about things in her everyday life. Here's what else you can expect to see:

This newly developed sense of independence can often lead to tantrums because your toddler becomes frustrated when she can’t do, or get, what she wants.

Difficult though they are, tantrums are your toddler’s way of telling you that she needs your attention and some reassurance. Try not to get annoyed at these emotional outbursts, instead let your child know that you understand that she's upset and reassure her. Tantrums don't usually last for long and very often some form of distraction and a cuddle are all that's needed to make things better.

Some toddlers develop a strong attachment to a particular object such as a teddy or a blanket. Cuddling this is comforting to your toddler and makes her feel more secure, especially after an emotional upset such as a tantrum.

There's no harm in encouraging your toddler to use her comforter when she's upset. As she gets older and gains more emotional control her need for both tantrums and a comforter will lessen.

Your nineteen-month-old already has good hand-eye co-ordination and balance so she will enjoy active play such as jumping and climbing. You can encourage this further by taking her to the play park or by providing a safe play area at home.

It's important to supervise her during active play because she won't have any real sense of danger and could easily hurt herself.

Although your toddler is unlikely to be ready for potty training, you may want to consider buying a potty and having it around so that she gets used to it. This can help to make training easier when you introduce the potty in the next few months.

Your toddler at 19 months:

She should be able to:

  • Understand many more words than she can say
  • Use a spoon and a fork

She will probably be able to:

  • Recognise when things are wrong (teddy has lost an ear)
  • Make small decisions
  • Run unaided

She might be able to:

  • Wash and dry her hands
  • Identify pictures of everyday objects in books when you say their words
  • Indicate when she needs to urinate

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