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Baby month 18


18 month old baby development

Her increasing dexterity means that your toddler can probably now hold a cup and drink from it without spilling any of the contents, she will also be able to pick up small items and place them inside another bigger item, and then take them all out again. Here's what else you can expect from her at 18 months: best replica watches

Toys such as shape sorters and nesting boxes will help to further develop these fine motor skills. Your child’s artistic talents will also be more noticeable and she will be able to make patterns with finger paints and use crayons to make big, sweeping lines.

Now that she has become more independent and can walk and make herself understood in her own way she may show more interest in being with other children.

However, establishing any form of relationship with other children is still likely to be beyond her, so you may find that her behaviour when she is with others remains anti-social.

You can help her to further develop her social skills by making regular ‘play dates’ with other children who are around the same age. Although she is unlikely to play with others, she will be happy to play alongside them.

Many toddlers at this age start to refer to themselves by name, although it will be a while before they start to use pronouns.

Your toddler will probably be speaking the 15 or more words that she knows now quite clearly. She may also be able to connect them together to make rudimentary sentences such as ‘all gone’ or ‘get down’.

She will certainly be able to understand simple requests like ‘go and get your shoes’ or ‘bring me your cup’.

You can encourage this early conversation by praising your child efforts rather than correcting her when she gets a word wrong. Instead, try repeating her sentence back to her in the correct manner so she can hear what it should sound like. It won’t take her long to work out how a word should be pronounced.

Your toddler at 18 months: amazingfake.me

She should be able to:

  • Say around 15 words
  • Feed herself with a spoon
  • Scribble well
  • Run and walk well
  • Enjoy climbing on things

She will probably be able to:

  • Put words together
  • Jump around
  • Take off an item of clothing
  • Brush teeth with help

She might be able to:

  • Show signs of being ready to potty train
  • Draw circles
  • Understand more complicated directions

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