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Baby month 17


17 month old baby development

Your toddler's mobility has increased dramatically over the last few months; now she can walk unaided and can probably squat down to examine something on the floor and then stand back up again and move on without any help; here's what else you can expect from your 17 month old:

She will enjoy climbing onto things now and will want to walk up the stairs, although she may still need to hold on.

Furniture will present another climbing opportunity and she may try climbing out of the cot. If you can, put the mattress at the lowest level or you may need to consider moving her into a bed where she'll have less of a distance to fall if she gets out by herself.

By the time she has reached 17 months your toddler may be beginning to show signs of hand preference, but usually the choice isn't finalised until she is a few years older. Now she is more likely to use both hands for everything – playing, stacking things and eating.

Until recently your child may have been happy to eat anything you gave her. Now you may find that she begins to show a quite forceful dislike of food she has previously been quite happy to eat.

It is thought that texture rather than taste or smell has the strongest effect on a child's eating habits at this age, so you are likely to find that some foods that were popular have lost their appeal because she doesn't like their texture anymore.

You may be surprised by how forcefully your child expresses her likes and dislikes now. Sometimes this may even result in a tantrum or in hitting out at you.

You may also find that your child sometimes deliberately disobeys you when you know that she's understood what you've said. She's testing boundaries, so, unless it's important to your child's safety or wellbeing, try to ignore these types of behaviour and don't allow them to become a source of conflict between you.

Your toddler at 17 months:

She should be able to:

  • Climb and explore
  • Enjoy ride-on toys
  • Respond to simple requests
  • Enjoy playing games

She will probably be able to:

  • Use certain words regularly
  • Show a preference for certain foods
  • Sort toys into colours or shapes

She might be able to:

  • Talk clearly
  • Put words together
  • Brush teeth with help

What to expect from your child at month 18

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