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Baby month 15


15 month old baby development

At 15 months old most toddlers are walking and even if your child isn’t very confident on her feet she’ll still be keen to be on the move, one way or another, and she will take every opportunity to put her new physical skills to the test; here's what else to expect:

She is likely to be a bundle of energy with unlimited curiosity, which means that you will need to pay particular attention to her safety as she has no concept of danger.

As your child’s awareness of herself grows she will begin to think about how the things she sees every day work.

She’ll start realising how objects are used and through imaginary play will explore their possibilities. At this age most of this play will revolve around familiar items and will closely mirror real behaviour – she may pick up a spoon and pretend to eat or take a hairbrush and attempt to brush her own hair.

She’ll enjoy playing at helping you when you are cooking or sweeping the floor when you are tidying up.

If it isn’t already, ‘no’ will soon become your toddler’s favourite word. By now she’s begun to realise that she’s a separate person from you so she will start to push boundaries to see just how far she can go.

These power struggles can occur over the simplest things, such as refusing to sit in her car seat or not wanting to get out of the bath.

If you can, avoid having confrontations over little things that don’t really matter, save this for the big battles where your child’s behaviour is unsociable and unacceptable, such as if she bites or hits another child, or where she is putting herself at risk.

Your toddler at 15 months:

She should be able to:

  • Walk unaided
  • Climb stairs using hands and feet
  • Say at least five words
  • Look at books and turn the pages
  • Laugh at things that amuse her
  • Enjoy push and pull toys

She will probably be able to:

  • Walk and run
  • Enjoy singing
  • Say “no” and shake her head
  • Follow simple directions
  • Use a spoon or fork

She might be able to:

  • Walk up stairs
  • Respond to verbal instructions

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